McAllen Chamber of Commerce
1200 Ash Avenue, McAllen, TX 78501 | (956) 682-2871

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce Innovation Grant Awards

McAllen Chamber of Commerce Innovation Grant is a grant program designed to encourage product innovation and venture creation in the McAllen trade area.

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce provides up to $50,000 in grant funding to McAllen innovators, allowing entrepreneurial pioneers to advance their groundbreaking ideas towards reality.

The McAllen Innovation Grant Awards program is a competition, and awards will be made on the basis of the strongest and most potentially viable ideas, as well as the best presentation.

An applicant may request up to $10,000 to establish, expand, develop or advance a product idea. A product idea may be a tangible product or intangible service that has potential to generate local economic development.

The McAllen Innovation Grant awards are grants, not loans, and they do not have to be repaid.


For more information about the awards or its rules, please contact the award administrator outlined below:

Jorge Sanchez
Director of Business Development and Start-ups
McAllen Chamber of Commerce
1200 Ash Ave.
McAllen, TX 78501
Tel. (956) 682-2871 Ext. 3020

 Deadline to apply, May 29th, 2017

2017 Documentation:

The McAllen Innovation Grant Awards-Official Rules

McAllen Innovation Grant Application

Agreement Participation Form

2016 recipients

  • Rio Grande Mesquite, LLC
  • Right to Bear Arms Gun Case
  • Glass Armor
  • Nuts and Cows
  • Loading Screen Studios
  • Ready Tee
  • Transcend Alchemy, DBA

2015 recipients

  • Cruise Control Entertainment
  • Nutty Butter
  • AR Deodorant
  • The Knife Glider

2014 recipients

  • The Reversible Footrest
  • The Plable iff Plastic Pallet
  • EZ Gauge
  • Scope Perfection
  • Janktafied

2013 recipients

  • Bee Shield
  • In The Weeds Natural Skin Care
  • The Scanning Game
  • The Unmanned Polymobile Vehicle
  • Engineering Technologies Group Weightlifting Accessory

2012 recipients

  • Guardian eHealth Solutions, Inc.
  • Nerditechs/OrgFlo, LLC
  • Seat Buddy

2011 recipients

  • eJucomm
  • Bolt Muzzle Brake
  • Emergency Evacuation Stretcher / Bed
  •  P2E Waste-To-Energy by Plasma Gasification Corp.

2010 recipients

  • EZ Baby Bottle
  • FiberRio Technology Corp.

2008 recipients

  • Action Irrigation
  • LESA Bio-Products
  • Sal Tech, Inc.

2007 recipients

  • Dr. Joe Sanchez
  • Ken Jones
  • Ron Borman