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The GoodPitch Competition

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The GoodPitch Competition is an initiative to nurture good public speaking skills in the entrepreneurial and business community in McAllen. The competition is a great occasion to polish and/or prepare a speech to a potential business opportunity.

A grand prize of $ 250 is awarded to the best elevator speech, a $ 100 to the second place and $ 50 to the third. As part of the grand price, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce donates all the collected application fees  to the winner’s chosen local non-profit or charity.

The competition is intended to simulate the real-world process of promoting, selling or soliciting buy-into an idea, product, service or request.

The “elevator pitch” must be two minutes or less speech that conveys the message of the presenter to the audience and accomplish the objective of the speech.

A good elevator speech should have a good structure and organization, be original, use good body language and voice and targeted correctly to the audience.

The Selection Process

Each competitor will present in front of a panel of judges and the public. After each “pitch” the judges will have an opportunity to provide feedback to each participant. After, all the participants have performed their “pitch” the judges as a group select the first, second and third place of the competition.

The judges will judge the “elevator pitch” using the following concepts: structure, originality, body Language,  tone and correctness to the audience.

1) Application

2) Competition Official Rules

Here is a sample of an elevator pitch: