McAllen Chamber of Commerce
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Permits and Licenses



Determine the site of the new business. It will be necessary to visit the McAllen Zoning Enforcement Department in order to insure the business location is in the proper zone and meets city requirements. If the business will be conducted from the home, this department must also be contacted to obtain a home occupation permit. Not all businesses are allowed to be operated from the home, this department will determine whether it can or cannot.

City of McAllen Planning Department

311 N. 15ht St.
McAllen, TX 78501
Phone: (956) 681-1250
Fax: (956) 681-1279

If a new building will be constructed, or an existing building remodeled in any manner, it will be essential to visit the McAllen Building Permits and Inspections Department in order to obtain the necessary permits and properly insure that city requirements are met.

McAllen Building Permits and Inspections

McAllen City Hall
311 N. 15th St.
McAllen, Texas 78501
(956) 681-1300

The Department has the following guide:


All new business owners should visit the McAllen Fire Department to verify that their building complies with fire and safety standards.


McAllen Fire Department

101 S. 18th St
McAllen, Texas 78501
(956) 681-1000

All new restaurants and businesses handling food products should visit the McAllen Health Department for necessary inspections and food establishment permits.


McAllen Health Department

McAllen City Hall
P.O. Box 220
McAllen, Texas 78505
(956) 681-1000


Special Permits or Licenses

Other permits and licenses may be needed for operation, depending on the business type. It will be necessary to contact both city and state offices to determine which licenses, permits, certifications, registrations and/or authorizations are required for a specific business.


                        McAllen Zoning Enforcement Department
                        311 N. 15ht St. 
                        McAllen, Texas 78501
                        (956) 681-1250

State is the official website of the State of Texas. From here, you have direct access to government information and more than 1,000 online services.


Any business which will be transporting, storing, and/or selling alcoholic beverages can  obtain the necessary information about licenses and fees  at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.


                        Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
                        6521 N. 10th Street Ste. D
                        McAllen, Texas 78504
                        (956) 687-5141

 Businesses which will be supplying personal transportation or commercial delivery should obtain a Commercial or Chauffeur’s Driving License from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

                        Texas Department of Public Safety
                        1414 N. Bicentennial
                        McAllen, Texas 78501
                        (956) 984-5757  (Scroll down to Commercial Drivers License)


Any business which will be directly involved in the importing and/or exporting of products, materials, goods, etc. should contact U.S. Customs for licensing and requirements.

                        U.S. Customs
                        Pharr International Bridge
                        9901 S. Cage
                        Pharr, Texas 78577
                        (956) 787-7637
                        (512) 888-3352