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Sylvan Learning RGV supports Youth Innovation and Creativity at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce

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(From left to right): Susan Valverde, Executive Director at Sylvan Learning RGV; Eduardo Millet, McAllen Chamber; Jessica Galloso, Product Manager at Sylvan Learning RGV

Sylvan Learning Rio Grande Valley will support youth innovation and creativity as a “Season Sponsor for the Youth” at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce for 2014. Sylvan will support five initiatives from the McAllen Chamber that promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the youth. Both institutions believe that in order to have a bright future for McAllen and the area, it is necessary to offer great developmental opportunities to the future, the youth.

The first program is the McAllen Youth Entrepreneur Factory. The program will nurture entrepreneurship and experience that will inspire future businesses. The process help students gain a better understanding of how to develop a business idea and find its path to market.

The second program is called The McAllen Cardboard Challenge. The Cardboard Challenge is an initiative that invites kids to design and build awesome creations using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. The Cardboard Challenge was inspired by “Caine’s Arcade” short film.

The third event is called Lemonade Day McAllen. Lemonade day is a free, community-wide, educational initiative designed to teach children how to start, own and operate their business – a lemonade stand.

The fourth event is the McAllen Mini Maker Faire. The event is a celebration of grassroots innovation of all kinds, from technology to crafts.

The last one is the Rube Goldberg Project. The project will challenges teams of students from middle school to college ages to compete in building the most elaborate and hilarious Rube Goldberg Machine.

The McAllen Chamber also offers many other opportunities for adult inventors and entrepreneurs, such as: small business counseling; an elevator pitch competition; market analysis; educational seminars; a business plan competition; $50,000 for Innovation Grants; and the micro-grant program for micro-entrepreneurs women.

For more information on any of the programs, please contact Eduardo Millet at (956) 682-2871 or